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Add it to The List: the Minnesota Boundary Waters

The Boundary Waters. Boundary to what? Are we going to fall off the earth? As ominous sounding as Minnesota’s flagship wat...


The Gulf Coast, A True Southern Gem

While it may not have the amount of coastline as its neighbors in Alabama and Louisiana, Mississippi’s Gulf Coast is proof...


The Fishing Trip of a Lifetime

With more than 60,000 square miles of water, it’s no surprise that Nunavut is an angler’s paradise. With lake trout as big...


Drop a Line for the Catch of Your Life in Saskatchewan

There aren’t many states or provinces with their own fishing websites, but Saskatchewan residents are so proud of their an...


Wilderness Fishing Deep in the Canadian Rockies

An electrifying jolt courses through you as a trophy fish strikes. Your line sings, vibrating, flying off your reel. Suddenly a blinding flash of silver explodes through the surface, sparkling in the morning sun. Just when you think it can’t get any better than this, you catch a glimpse of your surroundings. The glassy stillness of the lake. The doe emerging from the forest along the water’s edge.


Idaho: A Watery Way of Life

There’s something about a lazy day at the beach that makes all your cares drift away. Whether it’s a picture-perfect sunse...


Fishing Vacations

The act of fishing is almost as old as man himself. The earliest civilizations came into being beside rivers, lakes, and s...