Endless miles of crystal clear water are only the start of a Pacific fishing adventure. Similar to Patagonia, New Zealand has plenty of comparable fly fishing. Fishing for trout here is as good as South America or the American Northwest. Bone fishing off the shallow reefs in French Polynesia are an option for honeymooners, while the lakes and coasts of Australia have quite an offering as well.

  1. Lake Taupo, New Zealand

    This lake at the center of New Zealand’s volcanic plateau is fed by geothermal springs and neighbors several national parks. After some of the best trout fishing in the South Pacific bring your catch into any restaurant around the lake where cooking your catch is expected.

  2. Marshall Islands

    This scattered collection of small atolls lost in the middle of the South Pacific is one of the last great Sport fishing grounds on Earth. Trolling and fly fishing brings in Blue and Black Marlin, Wahoo, Barracuda, Bonefish, and Giant Trevally.

  3. Bay of Islands, New Zealand

    This subtropical marine region rich in history and lined with posh resorts is known as one of the world’s best for big game fishing.

  4. Cairns, Australia

    The Great Barrier Reef, known for its diversity of species, is a popular choice for record breaking Black Marlin, Mackeral, and Barracuda.

  5. Fiji, French Polynesia

    Blue Marlin and many other big game fish are caught off these sparkling waters, as are Jacks, Mahi-Mahi, and Bonito.

  6. Hokitika, New Zealand

    Some of the most unfished Brown Trout waters in the country take place on this western region of the South Island.

  7. Swansea, Australia

    New South Wales, especially around Swansea offers some of the most extreme fishing options in Australia with regular catches of Great White and Tiger Sharks.

  8. Rotorua, New Zealand

    Gin clear streams near Rotorua hold the purest strain of Brown Trout in the world.

  9. Solomon Islands

    Virtually untouched by the modern fisherman, the clear waters around the Solomons are full of Giant Trevally, Queenfish, Barracuda, Bonefish, Yahoo, Tuna and others.

  10. Lake Tinaroo, Australia

    After a stocking experiment in 1999, this lake in North Queensland became one of the best places in the world to catch barramundi and Sooty Grunter.