Who We Are

On the surface, iExplore is an experiential, adventure travel publication. Dig a little deeper and you’ll see that we love uncovering off-the-beaten path attractions or showing you a different side of your favorite destination to inspire instantaneous wanderlust in everyone from the casual explorer to the adrenaline junkie. The bottom line is that we are an online resource written for passionate travelers by passionate travelers

What We Cover

Our editorial focus is on highlighting travel experiences, which includes “traditional” travel topics such as beaches and outdoor recreation, as well as emerging topics like mancations and YOLO. In addition to our informative, narrative articles iExplore also contains a travel guide for every continent, country, state, and province in the world and feature cities (both national and international destinations) that we deem of particular interest to our readers. These locations are covered more in depth through article series written by local experts and 48 hour guides. Content that’s unique to iExplore includes bucket lists and captivating columns like “Love Letters,” “Tips, Tricks and Hacks,” and “Weird/Wacky.”

What We Don’t Cover

We’re not a news or industry publication. You’ll never see “breaking info” on travel bans, national disasters, mergers and acquisitions, etc. We only care about what airlines, accommodations, and travel companies are doing in relation to how they affect you, the traveler. We’re also not a blog. While we have some personal stories and first-hand accounts, they’re used sparingly in order to inspire others to take the same journey. We are also not sensational. You’ll never read about how to hook up with strangers abroad or where to buy illegal drugs when traveling. We don’t review destinations, hotels, or attractions, that’s for the Yelps and TripAdvisors of the world. We simply curate the best of the best; provide value by offering our opinion and enough background information for you to formulate your own conclusion.

What You Can Expect

For inquisitive travelers, iExplore is a trusted source of experiential travel inspiration, producing original, insightful and passionate storytelling that challenges our readers to explore their world and come back different. Our promise and commitment is to provide timely, well-researched pieces from our community of travel experts to help you discover unique destinations and experiences around the world. We know our readers don’t always have the time or money to travel as often as they like, but we want them to have an endless amount of ideas to save to their bucket list when the time is right. Life is short and the world is wide, and we want every single piece of content we put into the world to inform, inspire, and motivate you to explore.

Sponsored Content

In addition to our editorial content, iExplore features sponsored content from the world’s leading travel and lifestyle brands. These paid advertisements are always accompanied by a disclosure statement ensuring our readers are aware of what content is sponsored. The use of sponsored content assists iExplore with operational costs, but never at the cost of providing informative and entertaining editorial. The goal of sponsored content is to work with brands to create enriching media that provides value to our readers and in doing so provides value to our advertisers.