There aren’t many states or provinces with their own fishing websites, but Saskatchewan residents are so proud of their angling game (and so sure you’ll catch a “big one”) that it’s one of the main things they tout.

And with good reason. With over 100,000 lakes, streams, rivers, and ponds to drop a line, the prairie province located just above the state of Montana has prime real estate for some of the best fishing opportunities in all of North America.

Even those who turn up their noses at fishing would have a hard time saying no while in Saskatchewan. The area’s pristine environment will allow you to enjoy nature at its finest, while gorgeous scenery and breathtaking sunrises and sunsets will have you convinced you’ve found one of the best-kept secrets in all of Canada.

Here are three ways to up your angling game in Saskatchewan:

Try your hand at ice fishing

By the time the Christmas season rolls around, most of Saskatchewan’s lakes and ponds are completely frozen over. For ice fishermen, it’s just a sign that the six-month season has officially begun. Experienced ice fishers will find some of the largest fish on record during this time and local legends like Tom Gruenwald are more than happy to share their stories and tips with anyone who will listen. For first timers, we recommend getting a professional tour guide to show you the ropes.

Head to the Lake District

Located next to the famous 30-meter sand dunes at Athabasca Provincial Park, Canada’s fourth largest lake is a fisherman’s dream. Known for its enormous Lake Trout and Pike and equally amazing fly fishing opportunities, a fishing vacation to Saskatchewan isn’t complete without a visit Saskatchewan’s northern lake region. While you’re there, check into a fishing lodge run by locals like Cliff and Stella Blackmur. They’ll share the secrets of the trade and maybe even tell you some of the best spots to find your own record-setter.

Enter a fishing tournament

It’s a simple concept really: Find a boat, get out on the water, and try to be the guy who catches the biggest fish. In Saskatchewan, fishing tournaments are some of the most talked and followed events and the fastest way to become a local celebrity. Available all year long, the Fishing in Saskatchewan website regularly posts on upcoming events and results so everyone coming and going can get involved in a little friendly competition.