North America and the Caribbean are perhaps the best fishing grounds in the world. Fly-fishing in the great wilderness shrouded rivers of the American Northwest and Canada are only the tip of the iceberg. Alaska is a place where the fishing surface is only being skimmed. Classics like the Florida Keys, Baja, and Puerto Rico are still great destinations. Number 50 on this list could make the top ten on any other.

  1. Colorado River, Colorado

    Fish in this legendary river average 16-20 inches in length. Add Gold Medal trout and other catches, fantastic lodges, and the Rocky Mountains best wilderness.

  2. Bristol Bay, Alaska

    The largest natural salmon migration in the world takes place here in southwest Alaska. Otherwise search the rivers and streams for gigantic Rainbow Trout and Arctic Char.

  3. Big Horn River, Montana

    Southern Montana’s Big Horn is a world renowned trout stream with access to several great lodges.

  4. Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico’s waters have set more than 30 world records relating to Blue Marlin, Dorado, and Wahoo.

  5. Baja California, Mexico

    The beach resorts of Cabo San Lucas are not the only reason to make Baja home. Sailfish, Marlin, Wahoo, Mahi-Mahi, Yellowfin Tuna, Bonefish, Grouper, Snapper, and Bass are only the short list of catches in these waters.

  6. Green River, Utah

    The abundance of Rainbow and Brown Trout below Flaming Gorge Dam make this river prime fly fishing waters.

  7. Florida Keys, Florida

    Hire a boat to take you out on the clear Caribbean waters to search for everything from Tarpon, Reef, Bay, and deep sea fishing is a daily ritual.

  8. Bayous and Gulf, Louisiana

    Facilities have returned after Hurricane Katrina and tour operators are once again focusing on catching the fantastic Redfish or Billfish.

  9. Saskatchewan, Canada

    Isolated fly in lodges such as Wollastan and Hatchet Lake are chock full of monster Northern Pike, lake trout, walleye, and Arctic Grayling. Luxury facilities match those anywhere else in the world.

  10. Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

    You’ll fight with brown bears for the best catch in the midst of untouched meadows, forests, lakes, and glacier topped mountains. King, Red, Silver, and Pink Salmon are here, as are Rainbow Trout, Char, Pacific Halibut, and all of their friends.