The world of sports fishing is an intense one where the best locations change frequently. When someone hears of a good fishing spot people tend to flock there, as do commercial fishermen. Most of the best places are the most desolate. They are completely surrounded by wilderness or in a stretch of ocean incredibly remote, isolated, or pristine. What determines a great fishing destination is hard to say. Some might prefer quiet mountain streams while others prefer the big species of the wild ocean. Regardless, everyone is after the thrill of the catch.

  1. Northern Patagonia, Chile

    Fly fishing around Chaiten, Coyhaique, and other Northern Patagonia hideouts set near mountain streams and sheltered bays offer fly fishing opportunities like nowhere else in the world. This is where Presidents and celebrities come to fish.

  2. Ponoi River, Mongolia

    At this untrammeled river in Mongolia you’ll find Taimen Salmon, an almonid that weighs in at more than 100 pounds and measures 70 plus inches.

  3. Lake Taupo, New Zealand

    This lake at the center of New Zealand’s volcanic plateau is fed by geothermal springs and neighbors several national parks. After some of the best trout fishing in the South Pacific bring your catch into any restaurant around the lake where cooking your catch is expected.

  4. Laxá River, Iceland

    Fly-fishing on this Northern Iceland River is known for big catches such as 20 pound salmon. Numerous lodges sit nearby.

  5. Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

    Either from Golfito on the mainland or Puerto Jimenez on the peninsula the golf provides one of the most active inshore sport fishing operations on earth. Blue, Black, and Striped Marlin, Pacific Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna, Giant Dorados and Wahoo are all fair game.

  6. Marshall Islands

    This scattered collection of small atolls lost in the middle of the South Pacific is one of the last great Sport fishing grounds on Earth. Trolling and fly fishing brings in Blue and Black Marlin, Wahoo, Barracuda, Bonefish, and Giant Trevally.

  7. Cape Verde Islands

    This string of islands 380 miles off the African coast are one of the most consistent Blue Marlin catching grounds in the world.

  8. Mombasa, Kenya

    The waters surrounding Mombasa are one of the world’s bets for deep sea fishing. Whether you’re after big game such as Marlin or fly fishing for Sailfish and Dorado you won’t be disappointed.

  9. Los Roques, Venezuela

    The year round warm waters of these tiny cayes off the Venezuelan coast are the world’s number one bone fishing destination.

  10. Alta River, Norway

    Some of the best Atlantic salmon fishing in the world takes place on the Arctic waters of this Norwegian river. Average weights are 25 pounds, but catches of over 50 pounds are quite common.