Recommended Fishing Books

Fifty Places to Fly Fish Before You Die by Chris Santella
This beautifully written and photographed book highlights 50 of the world’s top fly fishing destinations. Not just a list, but a proper memoir as told by the experts.
Field and Stream Magazine (
The world’s leading outdoors magazine. Hunting, fishing, gear reviews, blogs, photos, trip reviews, special sections, maps, tips, contests, and everything else associated with the outdoor life.
Fishing for Dummies by Peter Kaminsky
An easy to comprehend guide for you know whom. Helps beginners with the basics and experts brush up on their skills.
The Gigantic Book of Fishing Stories by David Halberstam and Nick Lyons
Fishermen tend to be purveyors of more tall tales than any other sport. They are often natural storytellers and this book is full of their exploits.
Guide to Fly Fishing Knots: A Basic Streamside Guide for Fly Fishing Knots, Tippets, and Leader Formulas by Larry V. Notley
A basic, easy to read guide to fly fishing knots that’s small enough to keep in your tackle box.
The Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide by Tom Rosenbauer
This well respected fly fishing guide in the world is completely revised and updated with more than 400 new photos and illustrations.
Saltwater Sportsmen Magazine (
Published continually since 1939 this excellent magazine chronicles the latest updates in salt water fishing. Features, gear reviews, trip reports, tips from the experts, and even photos of fish babes.
What Fish Don’t Want You to Know: An Insider’s Guide to Freshwater Fishing by Frank P. Baron
If you could know what a fish is thinking it would help you catch it, right? That’s what this book assumes, as well as gives you all sorts of tips and understanding of the sport.

Useful Fishing Websites


Anglers Resource (
Excellent all-around fishing resource guide. The site lists fishing reports, lake reports, news, tips, recipes, articles, links, online tools, classifieds, real estate, tournaments, and anything else you could think of that relates to angling.
Tackle Underground (
A community driven tackle making resource site discussing tools, tips, and techniques. If you ever wanted to learn to make your own tackle -any kind - this is your place.

North America

Fly Fishing Panfish to Billfish with Dan Blanton (
One of the most popular fly-fishing sites on the net. Hosted by a well known fly fishing author and instructor the site has an active forum, online magazine, tips, gear and destination reviews, and slideshows.


Fishing Kaki Forum (
One of the world’s most popular fishing websites. It’s simply an Asia focused fishing forum with tens of thousands of users, plus links, weather and tide reports, and much more.


Fish Victoria (
All around Victoria and Australia fishing site with a monthly magazine. Clean and well designed site.

Great Britain

Sea fishing UK (
This British website is dedicated to all things sea fishing in England, Scotland, and Wales. Active forums, lists of rules and regulations, news, photos, links, and directories.