Your stay at Myrtle Beach is not complete without spending some time in the water! Between the Atlantic Ocean and an abundance of water parks, you’re sure to have a wet and wild time! Try out a variety of watersports through a number of professional services. Experience the sun and splash of jet skis, banana boats rides, dolphin watch tours, parasailing, sailboat charters, wake boarding and water skiing, kayaking or go fly boarding while hovering 20 feet above the water.

"Lazy River from Hotel Balcony, MB, 21 June 2014" by Mwms1916 via Flickr Creative Commons

Get Lazy

For a more leisurely experience in the water, how about state-of-the-art lazy rivers offered by over two dozen premier vacation resorts in Myrtle Beach. These complexes are normally located near the oceanfront areas with nearby pools and Jacuzzis. Grab a tube, lay back and enjoy whiling the sun filled day away in your own floating lounge. Feel the relaxing flow and you'll quickly know why millions of vacationers return each year to Myrtle Beach.

"IMGP2928" by Vladimir via Flickr Creative Commons

Hit the Aquarium

For another view of the water and many of the interesting critters that call the ocean home, check out Ripley’s Aquarium (yes, that Ripley), a top attraction in Myrtle Beach. The aquarium offers visitors the chance to get surrounded by 750,000 gallons of sea water as you stand in awe moving along a 330 foot long automated viewing tunnel of the underwater reef. Overhead and all around you will see thousands of fish, sharks, stingrays, and sawfish up close, a must-do if you have the kids in tow.


While visiting go on a professional scuba tour and get a fresh perspective on the beauty of Myrtle Beach. See 60 miles of ocean, rivers and waterways from down under as tropical fish, dolphins and other marine animals swim nearby. Explore World War II and Civil War wrecks up close. Not a certified diver? Get on your swimsuit and book a training session while you're there. It’s just that easy!