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South Pacific

Emerald Pines and Turquoise Waters: Meet New Caledonia

Thinking about a perfect destination to unwind and have the most memorable time of your life at? Search no more, New Caled...


Runaway to Shark Bay to See Five Species of Endangered Animals

Although it's name rings with the promise of sharks, Shark Bay is actually better known for it's manatee and bottlenose do...


Would You Scuba Dive with Sharks in Fiji?

Fiji is on everyone's list, if not for the exceptional beaches, for the incredible scuba diving. Welcomed by the friendly ...

New Zealand

New Zealand is One of the Hardest Countries in the World to Plan -- But Doesn't Have to Be

With plenty of international flights and relatively small in size, New Zealand may seem like any other island where you ca...


Swim Amongst Scads of Jellyfish in the Mystical World of Palau

It's normal to feel a ripple of trepidation as you lower yourself into into the waters of Ongeim L’Tketau. Better known as Jellyfish Lake, this remote marine environment in the even more remote country of Palau is teeming with millions of translucent jellyfish.


Western Oz and Perth: The Most Overlooked and Underrated Part of the Country

It may be one of the most isolated places on the planet. It may, also be one of the hottest and most arid regions in the s...

New Zealand

A Visit to Hobbiton Having Seen Absolutely None of the Lord of the Rings Movies

I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t like fantasy or sci-fi. I’ve never seen Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter the Hobbit,...

South Pacific

Do You Know What the Least Visited Country in the World is?

If you’re the kind of person who’s been just about everywhere and is looking for a new addition to your bucket list, this ...