Photo cred: Ed Dunens

When you think of traveling around Australia, what do you think of in terms of cost?

I’m willing to bet there are dollar signs circling around your head like a cartoon character who just got punched. Most would agree they think it is very expensive to travel to/from and around Australia. And they wouldn't be wrong…

Australia is pricey and since it's so vast, getting from point A to B, either requires a handful of flights (expensive) or car rental, gas, and insurance (likely just as expensive). But what if I told you, you could get around Australia in a campervan for just $1 a day? It's called vehicle relocation and it's a great way to save a huge chunk of money on your travel. Read on to learn more...

Photo cred: Phil Whitehouse via Flickr

What is vehicle relocation?

Essentially, if a company needs one of their vehicles, but the vehicle is located in another city, they allow people to rent the vehicle for very cheap if that person is willing to drive it to the city they need it in. is one company that offers this. We were living in Melbourne and they needed a campervan in Darwin. We made the 40-hour trek for just a buck a day!

Who is the ideal traveler for a vehicle relocation?

What type of traveler you are will determine if vehicle relocation is feasible for your plans. Our story was, we were moving, not traveling. We had a lot of stuff we wanted to take with us so flying was out of the question. If you’re just trying to get from point A to point B, vehicle relocation is perfect. If you’re trying to enjoy a scenic road trip, this is NOT for you, as the company will allot you a timeframe in which you must get the vehicle to them. We only had six days to get clear across the country, which didn't allow for any leisurely stops along the way.

Photo cred: Curtis Foreman via Flickr

What other costs are there?

Insurance is included, but we decided to buy extra coverage just in case. This reduced our deductible in case there was an accident from $1000 down to $250. Well worth it! Of course, you’ll also have to shell out cash for fuel. We got a $50 credit. To give you an idea, our trip was 2,332 miles. We spent about $500 in fuel along the way (minus the credit).

Depending what type of vehicle you get, you’ll need a place to sleep. Luckily for us, we had a campervan with a bed in the back and only had to find room and board for a few nights. When we stayed at a campervan park, it was about $25-35 AUD per night. We used these spots to recharge our battery and for access to an external bathroom. The other nights we parked at free campsites.