Lithuania is a member of the Schengen Agreement, which means US travelers will be automatically granted a 90-day visa upon arrival with a valid passport. For further information regarding Lithuanian visas or Schengen member nations, visit

Health and Safety

Lithuania is generally not considered a dangerous country. However, tourists who venture out at night should always use common sense. Larger cities like Vilnius are safe, but it is advised to stick to the main roads rather than parks or small lanes, as the lighting is much better. Bicycle theft is high in the main cities, so lock up your wheels if you decide to tour this way.

Racism can be an issue in Lithuania, along with other Eastern European countries. On most occasions, “non-white” visitors will only be looked at with curiosity. Most visitors of African or Asian descent rarely notice any issues at all, but keep your guard up in rural or less educated areas.

The development of the highway system has led to an increase in traffic throughout the country. As a result, a higher number of accidents have begun to occur. Drivers are renowned for their aggressiveness, and often ignore the safety of pedestrians so be extra careful crossing the road.