The main language throughout the country is Lithuanian. It is a rather difficult tongue to master, and even basic sentences will be tough to pickup. Russian is also spoken by about 80 percent of the population, and English is becoming more prevalent among the younger generation. About one-third of the country can speak and write English fluently.


The litas (Lt) is the official currency of Lithuania. Upon arrival into the capital, exchange bureaus are available at the airport and in most banks. Credit cards can be used in hotels, restaurants and for most shopping purchases. ATMs are found along major streets, towns and cities.


Lithuania falls under the Eastern European Time zone, which is two hours ahead of Universal Time (EET: +2 UTC). During the summer (March to October), Lithuania uses Eastern European Summer Time (EEST) which is three hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (+3 UTC).


Lithuania uses 220-240 Volts of electricity for its appliances. The europlug is the most common socket, which has two round pins. This is the same as Germany, France and Russia. Adapters and voltage converters are recommended for American tourists.


The international calling code for Lithuania is +370. Inside the country, landlines are operated by TEO, but mobile providers are offered through three companies – TELE 2, BITE and Omnitel. Standard GSM 900/1800 services are found across the country, except in the heavily forested areas. Internet access is available in a range of cafés, shops, airports, hotels, and universities. Connection speeds are quite fast, even compared to United States’ standards.


Travelers coming from a non-European Union (EU) country have duty-free limitations on what they can bring in for people age 17 and older. 250 grams of tobacco products, 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars can be brought in without tax along with one liter of alcohol over 22 percent proof or two liters under 22 percent proof. 500 grams of coffee, 100 grams of tea and 250 grams of perfume can also be brought in.

Tourist Office

Lithuanian State Department of Tourism, Vilnius: +370-706-64-988 or

Embassies in Lithuania

Embassy of the United States, Vilnius: +370-5-266-5500 Germany Embassy, Vilnius: +370-5-210-6400 Netherlands Embassy, Vilnius: +370-5-210-4620 British Embassy, Vilnius: +370-5-246-2900 Embassy of Sweden, Vilnius: +370-5-268-5010 Embassy of Finland, Vilnius: +370-5-266-8010


Emergency services: 112