Lithuania’s landscape is a luscious mix of city, town, rural, and country, which provides an array of thrilling, relaxing, and interesting things for holiday-makers to do. In summer, visiting one of the many beaches along the Baltic coast is recommended where fine, clean water and warm sunshine greet you. In the cooler months, experience the thrills of Lithuania’s winter wonderland. Snow covered hills and valleys provide great spots for a range of activities like snowmobiling.

The beaches of Lithuania are surprising beautiful, especially in the summer months. The water is clear, and for those coming from the northern United States, the water is a comfortable temperature for swimming. Palanga and Klaipeda are the most famous beach spots on the Baltic. It is possible to tour the resorts through Baltics and Beyond or Baltic Holidays.

Lithuania experiences heavy snow in the winter months, so snow safaris have become a favorite activity among visitors. This is basically a trip on the back of snowmobile, zooming through the powdery landscape at high, but safe speeds. Baltic Adventure is the preferred agency to offer snow safaris.

For cultural connoisseurs, you can literally spend the majority of your vacation traveling between the many theaters in Lithuania’s major cities. Vilnius has the Lithuanian Ballet and Opera Theater, which is not only a beautiful building, but offers four outstanding performances a week. There are plenty of shows in Kaunas too. Visit Vytis Tours for more information.

In Vilnius, hot air ballooning has become one of the most exciting ways to see the country. The tours usually take place early morning year round, but are best on a crisp spring day. For further details, check out Adventure Sport Holidays. It is no longer the hidden gem of Lithuania’s t industry, but always a memorable activity.

Lithuania has beautiful biking trails through the stunning natural forests and landscapes in the rural areas. Scan Tours offers biking through the major cities, including the capital. For some, rental can even be delivered straight to your hotel. This is a great way to see the sights and stay fit without getting stuck in the brutal city traffic.

There are plenty of water sports to choose from and companies like Get Your Guide will take the burden out of organizing a Lithuanian holiday. Canoeing, boating, rowing, and other water-related adventures can be experienced along the waterways.

The beautiful forests of Lithuania are perfect for a magnificent hiking. One of the best spots to explore on foot is the famous Aukstaitija National Park, which features a host of wild animals including deer, elk and many bird species. Ramblers can provide trips and itineraries.