Lithuanian cuisine consists of a variety of meat and carbohydrates. Most of the local meals are pork with potatoes, sauce and a host of vegetables, but the country has become much more cosmopolitan since gaining independence in 1991. You’ll be able to find plenty of international restaurants throughout the more populated cities like Vilnius and Kaunas. However, there is still a strong Russian influence in the dishes, especially when it comes to Lithuania’s savory snacks. Beer is the most popular drink in the country and it’s not uncommon to see dozens of brands on offer, along with vodkas. Closing times vary, but in Vilnius the more popular dance spots stay open until 5:00 a.m.

Bars and Pubbing in Lithuania

Within Lithuania, Vilnius is the center of nightlife, boasting dozens of spectacular bars, lounges, pubs, and clubs. Kaunas and Klaipeda are also good cities for a night out. Visitors can dance at BIX (Etmonu Street 6, Vilnius), which is a popular spot for its rock music and social events throughout the week. The younger clubbers will love Galaxy (Konstitucijos pr. 26, Vilnius), while the only tequila bar in the city is Cactus (Boksto 7, Vilnius).

A great beer spot is Avilys (Vilniaus Street 34, Kaunas), which serves all home-made brews. If beer isn’t your drink of choice, why not spend the evening sampling cocktails at Barcode (Gedimino Street 30/23, Kaunas)? For a taste of Irish hospitality, the Liberty Pub (V. Putvinskio Street 48, Kaunas) can’t be beat.

In the center of Klaipeda, a Latino dance establishment worth visiting is El Calor (Kepeju Street 10, Klaipeda). Another great place to groove the night away with disco and funk is Dr. Who (Naujojo Sodo Street 1, Klaipeda). When it comes to chilling out, there’s no better spot than the amply named Relax (Turgaus 1, Klaipeda).

Dining and Cuisine in Lithuania

A restaurant with an unbeatable French flare is Balzac (Rue Saviciaus 7, Vilnius). Perfectly wood-fired pizzas cooked over an open oven are offered at Sorrento (Pylimo Street, 21A, Vilnius), an Italian haunt. While in the capital, try Lithuanian food with a twist at Medininkai (Ausros Vartu Street 8, Vilnius).

At the center of downtown Kaunas is the delightful Pompeja (V. Putvinskio Street 38, Kaunas), which serves classic Mediterranean dishes for lunch and dinner. A luxurious night out is ensured at the classy Gralis Restaurant (Trumpoji Street 10, Kaunas). Spanish, Italian and European cuisine is found at Carlstonas (Kestucio Street 93, Kaunas); a spot that is also famous for its theatrical performances.

Though less renowned than Vilnius and Kaunas, Klaipeda still has several remarkable dining options and restaurants. Japanese is served at the fabulous Senoji Hansa (Teatro Street 3, Klaipeda). Or make reservations for the highly publicized La Cle (Sukileliu gatve 10, Klaipeda). A stroll to Friedrich Passage (Tiltu Street 26A, Klaipeda), hosts a number of local Lithuanian specialties and cuisines.