"Snowmobiling!" by Paul Williams via Flickr Creative Commons

This land of contrasts and differing terrain allows for an abundance of adventure sports. If you want to snowboard, climb, surf, dive or kite surf there’s plenty of options.

  1. Kite skiing, Frobisher Bay, Baffin Island Frobisher Bay is a haven for kite skiers and considered one of the best spots in Canada. It’s possible to travel across sea ice here for hours on your skis while enjoying the coastal views and fjords. Being more sparsely populated you won’t have to share it with too many others either.
  2. Heli skiing, Chugach Mountain Range, Alaska If skiing is just too tame for you these days get dropped off in this remote area by helicopter to enjoy the high peaks and isolation. With 40 per cent of the world’s glaciers and 65 feet of annual snowfall this is a true winter wonderland.
  3. Land sailing, Nevada This is a sport that appeals to sailors and kite surfers who have honed their skills on water. But it actually takes place on land and the dry lakes of Nevada are a good place to embark. Join the first class sports people who’ve traversed the Black Desert where the land speed record was made.
  4. Skydive, Las Vegas Save your pennies from the casino for the ultimate rush of Vegas – skydiving over the bright lights and freefalling for 60 seconds at 110 miles/hr.
  5. Snow Kiting, Michigan The various fields and lakes around Lake Michigan and up and down the west coast of Northern Michigan are perfect for snow kiting. Join a local club if you’re a bit unsure or go for it on Reed’s Lake or Black Lake. Black Lake is particularly good because the shallow waters freeze early.
  6. USA Zero Gravity Flight, Las Vegas Take in the bright lights and sights of Vegas from a different perspective while enjoying utter weightlessness. This is a really unique experience as you speed through time and space in a converted jumbo jet. Out of this world.
  7. Dog sledding, Quebec, Canada Head to the St Maurice Wildlife Reserve just out of Montreal for a peaceful experience with your own team of dogs. Travel speedily through the ice age away from the busy ski slopes on thousands of snow trails and frozen rivers and lakes.
  8. Snowmobiling, British Columbia, Canada Ride into this abundant wilderness of beautiful mountains and crisp snow and watch the powder spray from around your snowmobile. It’s the ultimate in adventure, wandering through untouched forest by day and relaxing in mountain lodges at night.
  9. Mountain biking, Colorado Rockies This is the best location for a cycling vacation with hundreds of paved and unpaved roads suitable for tour bikes, while off road trails and single tracks accommodate mountain bikes. Sample the Buffalo Creek Big ride, the Colorado Trail or the Monarch Crest Trail and be treated to lush green pine forests, majestic snow caps, mountain lakes and raging white water creeks while elk look on.
  10. Denali Raft Adventure, Alaska The Nenana River on the eastern border of the outstanding Denali National Park runs for over 37 miles. The whitewater ranges from class II to class III/IV action running from glacial mountains through numerous holes, chutes and canyons.

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