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Recommended reading

Extreme Sports: In Search of the Ultimate Thrill by Joe Tomlinson
The book is divided into categories of air, land and water. Each profiles a variety of sports, recounts their history and the greats who have competed in them. Hints are given for how to participate locally and in some the basic physics of the sport are explained. Amazing photography comes throughout.
Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner by Dean Karnazes
The tenacity of this ultra-marathoner Dean Karnazes is admirable although some of it is also masochistic. Karno is the ultimate expounder of a belief in embracing pain and pushes himself to the limits one extreme goal after another.
Base 66: A Story of Fear, Fun, and Freefall by Jevto Dedijer
The true and nerve-wracking account of three young skydivers and their quest for membership in the extreme sports club of base jumping.
Transcending Fear: The Psychology of Adrenaline by Brian Germain
Explains how fear can be a positive factor in your life and how to leverage it for your advantage. A must read for adrenalin junkies and even business people.
Dangerous Games: Ice Climbing, Storm Kayaking, and Other Adventures from the Extreme Edge of Sports by Andrew Todhunter
Delineates the different skills rock climbing, bouldering and alpine climbing require. The author also mixes in descriptions of his exploits and tries to come to terms with why people do extreme sports.
Touching the Void: The True Story of One Man’s Miraculous Survival by Joe Simpson
A harrowing account of the author’s near-death experience climbing in the Peruvian Andes. The book wrestles with a lot of issues surrounding the dangers of ice climbing and the will to live. It is dedicated to Simpson’s climbing partner, Simon Yates and others that have died climbing mountains.
Extreme Diving (X-Sports) by Kim Covert
Explores the latest and most popular extreme sports with photographs and instructions on how to become an X-sport champion.
Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mt. Everest Disaster by Jon Krakauer
This book will either make you want to pick up an ice pick and scale a peak or sober you up big time if you were contemplating such a challenge. This is a first hand account of the disastrous expedition up Mount Everest of 1996 led by celebrated Everest guide Rob Hall during which eight people died.

Useful Websites

Traveling USA (http://www.travel2extreme.com)
An online guide for road travel and recreation including extreme sports travel tips and an article archive.
Adven Quest (http://www.advenquest.com)
Offers adventure news, advice and opinions on a variety of sports, along with current information on products and travel.
Godo (http://www.godo.com.au)
Online directory of sports tour operators in Australia.
Adrenaline Pages (http://www.adrenalinepages.com)
Directory of adventures and tours around the world from the ice caps of Patagonia to Europe’s national parks. Also a community center to share thoughts with fellow extreme travelers.
Xsession (http://www.xsession.com.au)
An extreme sports community featuring news, photographs, pictures, videos, forum and articles about extreme sports.
Adventure Sports Holidays (http://www.adventuresportsholidays.com)
A directory of adventure sports centers, adventure travel vacations and courses in the UK and Europe.
Wild Things (http://www.wildthings.com)
Directory of adventure travel, wildlife, environmental and extreme sports resources. Organized by region, species or activity.

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