Photo by 73.santi via Wikimedia Commons

Training/Practice Exercises

Physical fitness

This plays a big part in a lot of extreme sports as some require all out exertions over short or extended periods. However it is probably a little difficult to imagine an action sports person like a skateboarder working out at a local gym. Extreme athletes typically prefer the outdoors, the local half-pipe or mountain trails to train for their sports. And their training might consist of hours of trying to master a trick, move or jump. However cross training can play a part in reducing injury while still pushing your body, and particularly help if you have to train for an activity you don’t have access to every day. There are some simulated extreme environments such as indoor rock climbing walls. Power training, flexibility, aerobic endurance or agility challenges can help you stay on your board, in your kayak or on your feet. Try to think out of the box when training for your sport.

Skill levels

If you don’t have the required skill levels for your chosen extreme sport there are operators that offer beginner courses, intermediate and even advanced level training to help you hone or remember old skills. Or join a local club and try and learn from more experienced participants.

Gear Requirements/Packing lists

For some sports you will find all the necessary equipment, helmets, life jackets and refreshments are provided by your tour operator. You may simply need to bring a change of clothes, footwear, hat, sunscreen and a sense of adventure.

If you are doing it all yourself you will require specialized gear plus safety, rescue and first aid equipment. Check with clubs, tour companies, outfitters and experienced sports people about what you need. Generally it’s best to start on used equipment before coughing out big dollars. Always check your equipment thoroughly for wear, tear and proper assembly. Learn how to fix the equipment too. When you’re miles away from civilization on a mountain trail or river it pays if you can fix your spokes or patch the boat.

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