"Kayak" by Vladimir Pustovit via Flickr Creative Commons

Mountain bike on Bolivia’s death road, kite surf Brazil’s North East coast, quad bike in Costa Rica or go Piranha fishing in the Patanal. There are lots of opportunities for the extreme in Latin America.

  1. Piranha fishing, Brazilian Patanal This would have to rate as extreme playing with one of the most deadly fish in the world and then eating it afterwards! Keep your fingers clear from their hungry mouths when you’re reeling them in. The feast afterwards makes all those nerves and adrenalin worthwhile.
  2. Mountainbike, Bolivia The world’s most dangerous road has to be biked simply for its title. The steep and bumpy road starts high in the rarefied air of the Bolivian Andes at La Paz and plunges for 40 miles through lush, sub-tropical Yungas to the sleepy town of Coroico. Be careful, the road is narrow, hugs the walls of the sheer valley as it snakes beneath waterfalls and rocky overhangs.
  3. Canyoning, Mexico Wander through the two enormous canyons in the vast Copper Canyon system of Northern Mexico. Enjoy the remote hiking, pristine wilderness and wildlife viewing.
  4. Kite surfing, Cumbucco, Brazil Think of thousands of miles of empty beaches, tropical temperatures and six months of guaranteed wind and you’re dreaming of a kite surfing paradise. The state of Ceara in Brazil offers just this and Cumbuco is particularly renowned for its kiting options, with good wave spots and flat water lagoons.
  5. White water rafting, Costa Rica Water Rafting down the famous Pacuare River takes on new significance considering a recent plan to build a hydroelectric dam was rejected. Praise the decision as you enjoy the stunning scenery as the river winds through deep canyons and primordial rainforest.
  6. Snowshoeing, Argentina Snowshoe along beautiful trails and mountains in the gorgeous Patagonian region.
  7. Canyoning, Argentina The rivers in the protected natural reserve, Aguas Chiquitas, have formed a deep canyon with narrow walls, jumps and pools to explore.
  8. Wakeboarding, Bahamas Enjoy wakeboarding or waterskiing 12 months a year here in good weather with suitable stretches of water. Ride the wake of a motorboat, try a few tricks and bask on the beaches afterwards.
  9. Kayaking, Trinidad and Tobago The azure waters of the lagoons and bays of Trinidad and Tobago offer choice sheltered saltwater and freshwater kayaking. Two areas of note are Bon Accord Lagoon and the Godineau River. Enjoy the variety of birdlife and the tropical warmth year round.
  10. Mountain biking Patagonia, Chile Enjoy all Patagonia has to offer on a bike with some superb single track cycling. Set out through the Lake District of Southern Chile and climb a volcano, plod through forest and camp by hot springs.

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