In my mind, you're not truly on vacation unless you've indulged your weary body in a massage. But what if that massage was with a food product, on an animal or with something other than hands? Yes, these all exist and shockingly aren't considered abnormal in other parts of the world. If you're a pampered princess looking to mix up your relaxation routine, try these on for size.

Photo Credit: Mike Chaput

Sake, Coffee or Ramen Noodle Bath - Japan

There's nothing like bathing in alcohol to feel revitalized. Hot springs and baths are ubiquitous in Japan as the culture is all about cleanliness. However, I doubt you'd consider sitting in a tub of soup or coffee the way to godliness. You may be surprised to learn these food items are full of vitamins and antioxidants. The ramen bath even has garlic and pepper extract for seasoning, which is supposedly good for the skin. It's also said that the salt in the soup will suck the water out of your body as a quick way to lose weight. Just don't eat where you bathe?

Photo Credit: Jan Smith

Fish Spa - Thailand

Fish spas get a bad rap since they're not known for being the most hygienic, but people still flock to these aquariums for ultimate exfoliation. You can find them virtually on the side of every road in Bangkok charging by the minute to stick your feeties in for a little nibble. Letting the pool of fish suck off your dead skin is an interesting sensation, I hope you're not ticklish.

Photo Credit: Heather MG

Volcano Scrub and Algae Face Mask - Iceland

Sold as two separate DIY treatments at the swim-up bar in the famous Blue Lagoon, these supplements nourish your skin to leave your face glowing. Both are known to have anti-aging properties and are sold frozen. When the nutrients come into contact with the hot spa water, they are activated for ultimate relaxation. There is also a free salt body scrub in the springs.

Photo Credit: John Pasden

Skin Whitening Salon - Philippines

As the saying goes, the grass is always greener. While the US has tanning salons, Asia has skin bleaching salons. Rather than sit under harmful UV rays, skin lightening involves applying a series of creams to remove blemishes, scars or change the undertone.