Sure, it's the season of giving, but after all that holiday shopping for others aren't you in need of a little R and R for yourself? Whether it is a little foodie indulgence, a spa day or a Christmas treat, make sure you take some time to revitalize yourself before the New Year hits.

After a plethora of holiday parties and family time, here are the best ways to treat ‘yo self.

Photo Credit: Canyon Ranch Resort

Spa Sanctity

Voted the best spa in the US, Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona caters to both the stars and high society. An all-inclusive luxury resort, you can hike or bike desert canyons atop pine-covered mountains, play tennis, refine your golf game, work out in sparkling gyms, enjoy healthy gourmet cuisine and unwind completely with the most lavish spa treatments anywhere. From the metaphysical to spiritual, get ready for a whole body cleanse.

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Photo Credit: Edsel Little

Dine at one of the Most Innovative Restaurants in the Country

Next restaurant in Chicago has quickly gained worldwide notoriety for pioneering a new restaurant concept -- selling tickets to dine. With meals priced on a sliding scale like a sporting event, the price of your dinner depends not on what you order (it's a pre fixe menu), but on the date and time of your adventure. As if that weren't crazy enough, they completely remodel the decor and change the theme every three months so it's completely a new restaurant with menus that have gone from Thailand in the 20's to childhood to futuristic idealizations.

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Photo Credit: Chris Goldberg

See a show

There's always Broadway, but a more unique experience is Sleep No More in NYC. A cross between Eyes Wide Shut and MacBeth, this interactive theater experience is one to remember. Don your mask and enter the 1930s mansion to follow various characters throughout the house as they interact with other players (in ways we can't divulge). Touch, taste and engage with everything as everyone will have a different story and memory.

Looking for a different kind of show? Check out Austin's flight of a million bats or catch the Aurora Borealis, nature's greatest light show.

Photo Credit: Charlie Phillips

Designer luggage

Always wanted to travel in style? Why not splurge? Louis Vuitton is always a popular choice, but recently Coach, Diane Von Furstenburg and Prada also came out with swanky luggage collections. Available in various colors and styles, a pretty piece of baggage ensures your arrival looks good every time.

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