Ghosts, goblins, spooky stories. There are tons of unsolved mysteries in the world. If you like getting scared out of your mind, we have five of the creepiest abandoned places made for exploring. Who knows what creatures or lost souls lurk within these crumbled structures and decrepit landscapes -- we wouldn't dare go to these places alone.

Are you be brave enough?

Photo Credit: Keoni Cabral

Six Flags New Orleans

If you have a paralyzing fear of clowns, prepare yourself for this terrifying gem in Louisiana. This Mardi Gras-themed park is full of larger than life sculptures of masked faces around every rundown corner. Ravaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the once laughter-filled park now resembles the setting of some nightmares -- nothing is creepier than an abandoned amusement park where childhood dreams are long dead. I imagine you can almost still hear the distant laughter of children whispering through the rusty roller coaster tracks and graffiti-filled buildings.

Anderlecht Veterinary School

Anyone who dares step foot in this 1900s veterinary complex in Belgium will find a horrifying mess of dirty jars filled with questionable organic material and dirty, antiquated surgical tools. It's just like stepping into a mad scientist's lab or torture chamber (or both) and is thus commonly referred to as the Horror Labs. Perfectly preserved brains, internal organs, skins, and limbs of countless animal creatures rest silently in their containers or spilling over floors and tables among the broken remains of the jars that held them. Some animals have even been sewn together--for what reasons, we do not know nor venture a guess.

Photo Credit: Thomas Geersing

Beelitz Heilstatten Military Hospital

This decaying site southwest of Berlin, Germany sits quietly in perish as a relic of disease and despair. A former 19th century sanatorium originally constructed to deal with a nasty tuberculosis epidemic, the building expanded twice over the years and was turned into a military hospital and used during both world wars. Standing empty since the 90's, the crumbling walls now solely serve to hold the terrifying memories of war and anguish-including once treating the world's worst man, a young, wounded Adolf Hitler. The hospital has also been used as an appropriately dire set for the war film, The Pianist.

Discovery Hut

Located in Antarctica, this seemingly harmless shack becomes quite the opposite once you're inside. A possibly lovely abode for an insane serial killer or the like, Discovery Hut's interior is littered with 90-plus-year-old carcasses, dried out bones, and lots of merciless snow. Built by explorers in 1901, the hut hasn't been used for centuries, its creepiness preserved only thanks to its frigid surroundings.

Photo Credit: Luis Alveart

Salto Hotel

This haunting space 18-miles outside of Bogota, Colombia was once a thriving tourist spot in the 1920s, attracting travelers who came to marvel at the beautiful Tequendema Falls. When interest in the falls waned in the 90's, the hotel was closed, slowly evolving into the looming structure amid the mist that it is today. Because of the site's popularity as a launching pad into the falls for multiple suicide deaths, the hotel is now thought to be haunted by the lost souls who jumped to their deaths in the crushing waters.