Galápagos Islands

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Galápagos Islands

Galapagos Trip Journal: An 8-Day Look into Exactly What Goes on at this Secret Paradise

One of our staff members recently spent a week in the Galapagos. Enjoy these snippets from her trip journal about this onc...

Galápagos Islands

Galápagos Waved Albatross Courting Ritual

At certain times of year, there is an opportunity to observe the waved albatross courting behaviors, a bird which has one ...


The Galapagos: A Once in a Lifetime Adventure

A trip to the Galapagos has been at the top of my must-do trips for awhile now. Frolicking among the wildlife offers a sen...

Couples Retreat

Finding Love in the Galapagos - An iExplore Cinderella Story

Everyone dreams of finding a great love or mysterious special someone while traveling abroad. The allure of the foreign, t...