South America

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See Endangered Sea Turtles Way Off The Beaten Path in Guyana

It's safe to say that getting off the beaten track is something adventure seekers aim to do on every trip. Guyana, a count...

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6 Reasons to Take a Coffee Tour in Colombia

There's so much more to coffee than just a beverage created to caffeinate you. It's a culture, a lifestyle and for so many...


Would You Ride Down the World's Most Dangerous Road?

Situated between the capital of Bolivia, La Paz and the outer district of Coroico, resides a road so harrowing and so unre...

South America

Spend a Day in the Silver Mines of Bolivia (Dynamite Included)

High in the colorful mountains of Bolivia sits the town of Potosí, a colonial era mining mecca placed at a breath-catching...


A Real Live Oasis in the Heart of the Peruvian Desert

It's pretty common to think you're seeing a mirage at some point when you travel in South America. Teeming with tremendous ruins, beaches, and wildlife, you wouldn't blame yourself for blinking in amazement and wondering whether the sights in front of you are actually real.

South America

5 South American Foods You Don't Want to Eat, but Probably Will

You are what you eat…or so the saying goes. Modern food fanatics have taken this age-old proverb to heart becoming vegetar...

South America

It Takes a Flight, Boat and Hike to Make it to Angel Falls, But We Swear It's Worth It

We're not going to lie: getting to Angel Falls is no easy task. But what's that saying? If it's not hard, it's not worth i...


Yolo: Sleep in a Glass Pod Suspended Off the Side of a Peruvian Cliff

Anyone who has ever visited Peru will tell you two of the most popular places in the country are Machu Picchu and Sacred V...