Will Rogers, the late great American entertainer, once said, “A trip across Arizona is just one oasis after the other.” How right he was! The crimson red backdrop of this beautiful southwestern state is sprinkled with an incredible array of natural and historical attractions. Coupled with year-round turquoise skies, it is little wonder why more than 37 million domestic and international travelers flock to Arizona annually.

From the natural beauty of Grand Canyon National Park, to the well-preserved living museums illustrating frontier life, Arizona has an outstanding list of landmarks that will impress even the most discerning traveler. Enjoy a unique cuisine and dynamic shopping culture because where else in the world can you explore breathtaking landscapes, shop for the latest trends and be taken back in time, all in one day?

Arizona has seen its tourist industry grow leaps and bounds since visitors started arriving in the early 1900s. Locals are as warm and welcoming to outsiders as the weather is hot. A superb range of luxury accommodation can be found in Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff, and other major cities, but there are also plenty of roadside motels, bed and breakfasts, and overnight lodgings for travelers on a tighter shoestring.

It doesn’t matter where you stay as there is always something to experience within a half-day trip or full-day trip of all major cities. Northern Arizona has the Grand Canyon. Eastern and Southern Arizona boast the high desert lands and a wealth of Wild West towns. Greater Phoenix is the pulsing heart of the state with dozens of day trips to Sedona and the ancient Native American dwellings of Camp Verde.

Traveling to Arizona from international destinations has the potential to be a long, arduous, and expensive task. However, Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix offers more international routes every year. Major highways like Interstate 10 and Interstate 40 make life easy for motorists to get here from other states, while Amtrak trains pass through the area on their Chicago to Los Angeles and New Orleans to Los Angeles routes.

As in many US states, Arizona lacks public transportation on intra-state paths. Visitors to the Grand Canyon state need to travel via rental car or limited bus options to get from A to B, yet Arizona’s stunning scenery provides plenty of eye-candy for those long drives.


  • Tour Grand Canyon National Park
  • Take a hot air balloon ride over the red deserts and plateaus
  • Go river rafting and cruise along the Colorado and Salt rivers
  • Explore ancient, indigenous sites
  • Relive the ‘old west’ in pioneer towns
  • Ski and snowboard in the San Francisco Mountains
  • Have a shopping extravaganza in Tempe
  • View Meteor Crater’s massive cavity

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