Photo Credit: Alan Stark

Even though Arizona’s outdoor culture is far and away the leading attraction of the state, shopping has become a renowned feature in recent decades. Tourists can find souvenirs at Grand Canyon National Park and other major landmarks, but Arizona shopping extends way beyond trinkets. Visitors will be able to find a plethora of energetic, vibrant, and easy-on-the-wallet stores within the Grand Canyon state’s main cities.

Even though downtown Phoenix is the center of Arizona’s commerce and entertainment, tourists can forget about shopping here. Instead, head to the outer sub-cities of Tempe and Scottsdale for a real treat. Arizona Mills, in Tempe’s Mills Avenue District is the main shopping spot in the city. With over 175 entertainment, retail, and food stores on offer, it’s not hard to see why thousands of shoppers come here every day. Tempe Marketplace is another magnificent spot with an open-pedestrian square that boasts an exciting shopping and dining culture, and nationally-renowned fashion.

Scottsdale is another popular haven for tourists and locals alike. Scottsdale Fashion Square is the largest shopping complex in southwestern United States. In addition, the downtown area of the city is home to local jewelry artisans, boutique stores, and art galleries. Alternatively, Grand Canyon Village offers a surprising shopping experience highlighting Native Indian crafts, camping gear, hiking equipment, and canyon souvenirs.

There are plenty of fascinating sites around Arizona that offer some of the southwest’s most breathtaking pieces of art, crafts, and relics from Native American culture. Tucson’s Native American Crafts is a small, but popular shop providing Navajo goods including rugs, pottery, and ornaments.

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