Due to its central location in the heart of the country, Missouri has a reliably humid continental climate. This translates to hot summers and cold winters with four distinct seasons and extreme fluctuations in temperature. Spring is typically the wettest time of the year with rain between March and May. Spring is also when most of Missouri’s tornadoes occur, with an average of 35 touching down a year. The temperatures in spring, however, are a pleasant 65°F in April and 75°F in May.

Summers tend to be hot and humid, with daytime highs around 90°F from June through August. The high humidity levels during summer make that feel even hotter, uncomfortable and sticky. Afternoon thunderstorms are common, but overall precipitation is no more than at any other time of year. Winters are the harshest time in Missouri. They can be very cold, with highs only at 40°F in December and January with lows of 20°F. An average of 20 inches of snow falls on the state in winter, and big snowstorms occasionally hit.

Best Time to Visit Missouri

Fall is probably the best time to visit Missouri. By September, the temperatures are cooling off into the upper 70s °F and gradually the rain slows to a trickle by the end of November. October is a particularly lovely month, with daytime highs around 68°F and little rain. This is also when the hardwoods of the Ozarks hit their colorful peak and the annual harvests are brought in. Early November isn’t bad either, with nippy air and crystal clear skies most days.

You can often find good deals on hotel rates at the very end of fall before Christmas time kicks in. Spring is another good season in Missouri for cheap hotels. The weather in April and May is fantastic if you don’t mind the springtime showers, which is when the trees and flowers bud, and the air feels as fresh as it gets.