Visitors to the United States must have all their visa paperwork finalized before arriving in the country. Current requirements for travel can be found online at the Bureau of Consulate Affairs website or you can check with your local US embassy for details.

Health and Safety

There are few health concerns visitors need to be worried about when traveling to Missouri. The only potential danger comes from the great outdoors, so use your common sense when boating, hiking or biking in the state’s many parks and recreation areas. It is also recommended that every visitor to the United States be vaccinated against hepatitis A and B.

In general, Missouri is a safe place. Its major cities, St Louis and Kansas City, have their rough neighborhoods like anywhere else, but these districts are typically not areas where tourists would venture. It is advised that you be vigilant when walking around the downtown late at night. Use taxis instead of public transportation or walking whenever possible. Petty theft can happen anywhere, not limited to the cities, so always keep your valuables safely stashed away, even in small, seemingly innocent rural towns.