This is not a tease: wine therapy is real and the best way to drink your cares away. More formally known as vinotherapy, grapes are nature's antioxidant. We've all heard the benefits of drinking wine (specifically red wine), but the magical power of grapes seems to offer some medicinal and cosmetic qualities, as well. Everything from grape scrubs to massages to bathing in Pinot Noir can be experienced at these five wine-derful locations.

Put down the glass guys, there’s a new way to enjoy wine! Just kidding, we'd never make you do that. You can drink while having your treatment, it’s all part of the experience. Our only question is, wine not?

Photo Credit: Hotel Marqués de Riscal

Hotel Marqués de Riscal - Spain

This spa oozes relaxing vibes. The natural decor creates a soft ambience and a chance to really escape. Their treatments range from skin treatments to body wraps, all involving the grape. The vineyards will be in view while you indulge in Cabernet scrubs that exfoliate and nurture your skin or grape essence treatments for stimulation and rejuvenation. How about a rainforest shower or a hammam jacuzzi to end the perfect day? Followed by a glass of red, of course.

Photo Credit: Kenwood Inn and Spa

Kenwood Inn and Spa - California

It should come as no surprise that California offers wine therapy. What vino-inspired spa treatments can you get here, though? How about a detox and exfoliating Pinot Noir bath? Or perhaps a Chardonnay soak complete with crisp, citrus, and essential grape oils that relax the muscles. I’m officially thinking about pouring wine in my bathtub to experience this now since a visit to Sonoma isn’t in the cards just yet…

Photo Credit: Adler Spa Center & Beauty Hotel

Adler Spa Center & Beauty Hotel - Italy

Who's up for a new kind of fountain of youth? We all know that water is good for us, but how about a grape seed facial and scrub that promises anti-aging? Sign me up! Let’s not forget you’ll be surrounded by serene rolling hills dotted with vineyards, which I’m sure will also help take any stress off your shoulders.

Photo Credit: Cavas Wine Lodge

Cavas Wine Lodge - Argentina

This hotel’s sole commitment is to wine; the first of its kind in South America, and maybe even the world. All the food is local and organic and paired with award-winning wines while you gaze upon the lush vineyards that surround the base of the breathtaking Andes Mountains. After you’ve had a few glasses, the Vinotherapy Package is a must. Bonarda scrubs, Torrontes treatments to help dry the skin and become more plump, and a Malbec bath are all included.

Photo Credit: Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte

Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte - France

Vinotherapy was born in Bordeaux, and Chateau Smith was ground zero. Besides tours of the impressive vineyards and wine tasting in one of the most superb wine regions on earth, the treatments are unprecedented. Using mineral-rich water that’s extracted from the ground nearby, they create wine spas that strengthen blood vessels, reverse aging, and help with circulation.