This is not a drill: Sail Week Croatia is a trip you seriously need to know about. The ultimate summer holiday, this is the incredible opportunity to spend the week on a private yacht sailing the breathtaking blue waters of the Dalmatian Coast. You’ll join 6-10 of your closest friends (or newly made friends) from around the world on the adventure of a lifetime as the salty sea breeze whips your sun-kissed skin. Whether you channel your inner Drake, Captain Kidd, Marco Polo (you will be visiting his hometown), or simply want to sit shotgun and let the skipper guide your ship ashore, sailing is a great way to see the sights in the lap of luxury.

Spending just a few hours on the water each day, you’ll hop between secluded bays, idyllic villages and historic cities as you explore five stunning islands along the Adriatic Sea. Croatia has been called “the new star of the European Union” for it’s 20 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and eight national parks that boast some of the most incredible waterfall landscapes on the planet. From the ancient walls of Dubrovnik to chic Hvar and the fortresses of Split, you’ll walk amongst history balancing tradition with modernity, city life with beach vibes. Despite endless praise from anyone who’s ever been to this incredible country, Croatia still, somehow remains one of Europe’s last largely untapped gems.

Sail Week offers three trips, Party Sail Week, Ultra Sail Week (for EDM fans) and Adventure Sail Week, based on your interests and travel style. The Adventure Sail includes activities like cycling, kayaking, cliff diving, SUP, snorkeling, fishing, and hiking, but how active you get depends solely on you. You could also pass the time wine tasting along the coast, swimming in the crystal islets and coves, and indulging in local seafood. Want to chill in a floatie all day? Trust us, there will still be plenty of photo opps for #InstagramEnvy as your friends wonder how you could afford to live so lavishly (If only they knew...). Want to earn your calories by traversing the saltwater lakes at Mljet National Park? That’s cool too. Whatever you choose to do, the motto of this trip is, “Too blessed to be stressed.” And once you see that sparkling turquoise water which will be your home for a week, we bet you’ll agree.

Each package includes seven nights of accommodation, daily breakfasts and lunches, a professional skipper, WIFI, and a host of other perks. Prices range from $700-800 USD depending on the week and trip you choose, but either way, it’s a heck of a deal for the experience of a lifetime. Champagne dreams on a beer budget? We’ll toast to that.