To the average jetsetter, an upgrade to a room with a jacuzzi seems like luxury. But for the elite travelers, the 1% if you will, the most expensive hotels in the world are wrought with more extravagances than the mere mortal can even dream. And when you are dropping more than the price of a new car for just one night, you should expect more than a chocolate on your pillow.

From personal helicopters to private gyms, enjoy the best the hospitality world has to offer.

Four Seasons - Paris

The two 2,600 sq. foot Royal Suite at the Four Seasons in Paris include a private terrace that overlooks the fountain of the Three Graces. The rooms are decorated with antiques and fine art, marble fireplaces, and a marble bathroom with a steam room and sauna.

Price per night: about $25,000

Burj al Arab - Dubai

For those that prefer a more exotic locale, the Royal Suite at the Burj al Arab in Dubai might be more fitting. Guests staying in this suite will have a private elevator and a cinema room within the suite. The color scheme feels majestic, too - rich reds drape the rotating four-poster bed in the master bedroom, the carpets are leopard print, and the foyer and staircase are covered in marble and gold. Upon request, guests can be transported by their choice of Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz, or helicopter (at an extra charge).

Price per night: about $19,000

New York Palace Hotel - NYC

If you're looking for the best in New York, the Palace is the place to go. Located across the street from the famous St. Patrick's Cathedral, the Royal Suite at the Palace features opulent Louis XV décor with silk covered walls and gold-leaf reliefs. This 4,000 sq. foot room has "his and hers" marble bathrooms with Grecian-style columns. An antique barber chair stands in the "his" bathroom. The New York Palace also boasts a Michelin Two-Star restaurant, Gilt, one of the top restaurants in the city.

Price per night: about $22,000

Hotel President Wilson - Geneva

And for the times when the Palace and the Four Seasons just don't cut it, there's the Royal Penthouse Suite at the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, Switzerland. In this whopping 18,000 sq. foot suite, guests can enjoy a warm bath while looking out at panoramic views of Lake Geneva through bulletproof windows. There are 12 rooms, each with their own bathroom, a private terrace and private elevator, and a fitness center. For the musically inclined, the suite holds a Steinway grand piano. Guests could also pass the time in the billiards room or the library. The Royal Penthouse takes up the entire top floor of the hotel and is probably the most luxurious (and expensive) hotel suite in the world.

Price per night: $65,000