Most of Iceland looks a little unreal. You could even go as far to say that it all was a happy accident. The thing is though, the Blue Lagoon really was a happy accident. Back in 1976, a major power planet inadvertently formed a pool of geothermal waste water that didn't seem to be disappearing. Locals would sneak in to bath after hearing about the rumored health benefits of the mineral-enriched water. Eventually it was opened to the public and on track to become one of the most famous geothermal spas in the world.

When Mother Nature hands you a gift, you don't turn it down. For more than 20 years, the Blue Lagoon has been an oasis for spa lovers, first time visitors, and adventure enthusiasts in need of a little R&R. Conscious of the geothermal factory still visible in the distance, architects worked tirelessly to create a complex that seamlessly blended, complemented, and concealed the eyesore from the mystic landscape. Complete with its own skin care line and fabulous poolside views, the Blue Lagoon is one of the most magical spa destinations on the planet.

Photo Credit: Roderick Eime

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Despite its name, the water is actually a very milky white, full of silica and algae that interact with the sunlight to create the translucent opal blue hue. In the height of the summer the algae is in full bloom, the water will have more of a turquoise tint that has a consistent water temperatures year-round, despite Iceland's notoriously unpredictable weather. Generally hovering around 100 degrees, it's the ultimate cozy reprieve.

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Masks on Masks on Masks

The Blue Lagoon’s water first gained notoriety for the way its silica mud helped psoriasis patients. Now, the mud masks are available free for all visitors, with everyone enthusiastically coating their bodies to resemble creatures from a foreign land, adding to the otherworldly environment. If you want to upgrade your facial, frozen algae and lava masks that melt as they touch the water are available at the swim-up bar. Apply generously and go in search of the lava cave turned steam bath, a hidden sanctuary to hangout in as the minerals do their job. All the products are available online if you'd like to enjoy an Icelandic glow throughout the year.

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Out of Water Experiences

The area isn’t off limits for aspiring photographers and visitors who simply want to watch from afar. And one of the most photographed spots? The footbridge. The area also features a nearby hotel and restaurant, making it easy for all the guests to hangout and grab a bite if that's more your version of relaxation.