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There's a certain feeling of thrill that comes with walking Bermuda's pink sand beaches knowing you're at the corner of one of the most mystical and mythical triangles in the world. Located just off the East Coast of the US at the northernmost point of the Bermuda Triangle, this Atlantic hideaway is brimming with impossibly blue turquoise waters and stunning beaches. Boasting all the perks of tropical paradise without the huge price tag, the island of Bermuda is easily one of the most exclusive and affordable luxury island getaways in the entire world. You won't go missing on your trip there, but you'll definitely feel like you can forget about any of your troubles back home.

Photo by kansasphoto via Flickr Creative Commons

It's a Remote Paradise

Remote is the name of the game in Bermuda. A sanctuary surrounded by colorful reefs, Bermuda may be tucked away but it is always warm and welcoming. There are plenty of secluded beach and cove spots all around the island, so don't be surprised if you stumble upon a stretch of pink sand with nobody else on it. Instead, relish in the crystal clear waters and warm sand by swinging in hammock and splashing in the water. To truly get the feel of the island, set off on a self-guided walking tour through the cities St. George or Hamilton or hit the trails along the old Bermuda Railway. Used for less than 15 years, the rail line once connected the easter and western portions of the archipelago. Today, the railroad serves is an easy way to walk the entirety of the island — seriously! You can veer on and off the rail bed, dipping in and out of solitude, picnicking and checking out vistas along the way.

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Make Believe You're Royalty

Set the tone with a stay at the Fairmont Southampton. An island gem located on Bermuda's southern shores, the Fairmont Southampton is a private beach club that offers guests exclusive access to the famous pink beaches of the island. Located on the highest point of the entire island, this luxury resort offers equal parts adventure and relaxation — and a huge array of guest rooms and suites. With 593 guest rooms including 11 signature suites and 23 one- and two-bedroom suites, you'll have no problem finding a home away from home on this beautiful isle.

Photo by kansasphoto via Flickr Creative Commons

Getting There Is Easy

Nestled just off the coast of North Carolina in the Atlantic Ocean, getting to paradise is surprisingly simple — and affordable. Flights to and from some of the largest cities in the US, including New York, Washington, D.C., and Charlotte, are no more than two hours. With airfare running around the same price as a domestic roundtrip ticket, Bermuda is the convenient, no-hassle vacation destination you need in your life. After all, when paradise is a two-hour flight from the East Coast, you'd be foolish not to stop by for at least a weekend.