Content Produced in Partnership with British Virgin Islands Tourism

Most visitors to the Caribbean don’t get to see more than a handful of islands during their stay. Let us be the first to tell you these folks are doing it wrong. In the British Virgin Islands, it's not unheard of to visit — or at least see — the majority of the 60 islands in the chain. Sure, you can take the pedestrian ferries and boat tours, but there’s a much more fun and glamorous way to do it. How you ask? Why, yachting of course. Thanks to its consistent temperatures, reliable trade winds, and close land proximity, navigating the waters and darting between the islands is a breeze. If you're ready to find out why the British Virgin Islands is known as the Sailing Capital of the Caribbean, read on.

Hoist the Anchor

Most BVI visitors come from massive cruise ships, and while we hate to to judge, there's a much more intimate way to see the islands. Thanks to a large number of charter yachts and yacht clubs, anyone can enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean as the captain of their own vessel. While cruise liners adhere to a strict schedule, on your own boat, you can hoist the anchor and set sail at will, spending as much time as you like on each of the amazing islands. There's a ship and style for every budget, which can be as basic as a sailboat all the way up to a fully crewed luxury liner. A full list of amenities and companies is available on the British Virgin Islands tourism website.

Island Hop

It’s not just the water that’s clear in this corner of the world. There’s also a clear line of sight between each of the 60 islands in the Sir Frances Drake Channel. No matter if you’re new to sailing or a seasoned seamen, you’re free to go as the wind moves you. This could mean waking up on one island, spending the afternoon snorkeling on another, and catching the sunset with yet another beautiful beach behind you. Simply put, the British Virgin Islands invented island hopping. We recommend leaving your schedule fairly flexible to really embrace island time.

Test Your Meddle

The highly anticipated Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival returns for its 46th year from March 27-April 2. The regatta includes novice and experienced classes of racers that fly by at impressive speeds. Visitors can get in on the action by renting the same yachts as the pro and charting the same courses. The only difference is they can take their sweet time. We promise you'll still come out on top.