Every year, most of the major cruise lines unveil specially themed cruises that appeal to various different groups of people. Indeed, trends indicate that themed cruises are only growing more popular, and finding one that revolves around something you love to do is getting easier and easier. Themed cruises fall into a broad range of categories, including food and wine, sports, music, health and wellness, science and even romance. If you’re looking for a cruise that will combine exotic locales, impeccable service, exceptional rest and relaxation – and a healthy dose of a few of your favorite things – then consider booking one of the following top ten themed cruises.

Photo Credit: Sea-Turtle

Silversea Golf Cruises

Although several cruise lines offer golf-themed itineraries, Silversea definitely stands out from the crowd. Unlike some golf-themed cruises – that either feature stops at major golf courses or onboard instruction and education – Silversea’s golf themed cruises combine both. While on board, passengers receive tips and training from PGA rated golf professionals; shore excursions to some of the top golf courses in the world are included.

Beatles Tribute Cruise

Music lovers and Beatles fans alike will get a major kick out of Royal Caribbean’s Beatles Tribute Cruise. On this fun-filled adventure, passengers get to take in amazing performances by some of the best Beatles cover bands in the world. Professional actors and musicians portray the Fab Four from during various points in their careers, regaling passengers with out of this world entertainment and fun that will create a lifetime’s worth of memories.

Royal Astronomical Society Cruise

Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 is well known in the world of cruising for having the only at-sea planetarium. The ship plays upon that exciting detail by offering a cruise sponsored by the Royal Astronomical Society. Transcontinental and Caribbean versions of the cruise are available; passengers get to use telescopes on the deck of the ship while instructors show them the ropes. Lectures educate guests about the constellations and other astronomical delights.

Silverseas’ Culinary-Themed Cruises

Food connoisseurs will be absolutely delighted by any one of Silverseas’s incredible, culinary themed cruises. Each one is sponsored by a celebrity chef who gives passengers a few tricks of the trade. The fun doesn’t end there, though: Cooking demonstrations, stops at international markets, five-course gourmet meals and food and wine packages are all additional bonuses to look forward to. You not only get to learn a bit more about being a professional-grade chef, you get to enjoy the bounties of all of the hard work, too!

Spotlight On Chocolate

There’s more to chocolate than that Hershey’s bar at the local drugstore. If you adore chocolate and simply can’t get enough of it, then hop on board the Seven Seas Navigator by Regent Seven Seas for a chocolate-themed cruise that’s impossibly decadent. Pastry chefs help educate passengers about the amazing versatility of chocolate, while chocolate buffets are par for the course. Stops at exotic ports of call help make these themed cruises simply unbeatable – and undeniably delicious.

Vow Renewal Cruise

Just because you were unable to get married on a cruise back in the day doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy all of the perks of doing so later on. Royal Caribbean’s wonderfully romantic themed cruise allows happily married couples to renew their vows while sailing on the sumptuous Radiance of the Seas. The renewal ceremony is performed by the ship’s captain, and cocktail wedding receptions help add a nice dose of glamor to the proceedings. You can even retire to your stateroom for some chocolate-covered strawberries, if the mood strikes.

Murder Mystery Cruises

Royal Caribbean is always working to bring exceptionally exciting themed cruises to its passengers; its delightful array of Murder Mystery on the High Seas cruises are a unique way to combine topnotch cruising with a bit of whodunit fun. All of the usual amenities and services are included on these cruises, but passengers have the option of participating in the well produced murder mystery proceedings.

Paranormal Cruises

Whether you are a “believer” or not, Norwegian Cruise Line’s “Wisdom In Light” cruises are bound to be a lot of fun. These cruises feature guest speakers from the world of paranormal research, including people who claim to have firsthand experience with paranormal activity. There are also guest lecturers from popular paranormal television shows. The Blue Man Group provides exceptional entertainment on board the Norwegian Epic, where this themed cruise takes place.

Caribbean Yoga Cruise

People who are huge fans of yoga – or those who’d like to learn more about this increasingly popular form of exercise – will have a blast on Whet Travel's Zen Cruise and their yoga themed cruise itineraries. Instructors give lessons to participating passengers every single day, and there are plenty of opportunities to ask questions and to perfect your yoga technique. All around, being in the peaceful atmosphere of a world class cruise is a great way to get into the yoga craze in a fun, unique way.

Richard Simmons’ “Cruise To Lose”

If you’ve been trying to shed a few pounds, but they’ve stubbornly stayed put, why not hop on board Richard Simmons’s themed weight loss cruise? Passengers are whisked around the Caribbean on board the Carnival Triumph. Along the way, they receive personal training sessions by Richard Simmons himself. Seminars are also included, and offer guests plenty of tips and tricks. Weight loss never looked so fun!