Photo Credit: Jason Corneveaux

The United States (US) has enough activities to last visitors a lifetime. The diverse landscapes, major cities and an abundance of resources boast an enormous range of things to do. The country is home to a plethora of wondrous sporting events, and major league baseball, basketball, ice hockey and American football are joined with NASCAR as the most popular spectator sports in the country.

If watching doesn’t fill the void, then try skiing or other winter activities. North America is home to a range of alpine areas, including the famous Rocky Mountains with plenty of wonderful ski resorts throughout the country. Some are extremely expensive, designed to cater to the social elite, but cheaper options are also around.

Hiking is part of the everyday adventure scene. With so many different landscapes across the country, hundreds of walking or hiking trails abound, ranging in difficulty and style. The Grand Canyon is a great place to explore on foot, as is Yosemite National Park. TrekAmerica offers plenty of interesting excursions.

The US has a long and rich sporting culture unmatched anywhere else in the world. While visiting this remarkable nation, it’s a must to attend a live sporting event. Baseball, basketball, American football, ice hockey and the crowd-pleasing NASCAR are just some of the options depending on the season. Roadtrips Incorporated offers packages to some major events in the United States.

Winter sports like skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling are just some of the ways to warm up during the cold season. Colorado, New York, California, Utah and Wyoming offer some of the best facilities around that are often world-renowned. Find out more at US Ski Tours.

White-water rafting is a common adventure activity for US holiday-makers. The abundance of snow-capped mountains means fast-flowing rivers are right around the corner. In spring, many of the tributaries like the Mississippi and Colorado become raging waterways. Whitewater Tours is a reliable and safe company for rafting excursions.

Travelers who are into surfing are close to a number of fantastic beaches across the United States. Hawaii, is home to magnificent reef breaks like Oahu’s North Shore. California and Florida’s coasts also boast a plethora of excellent schools and lessons. Tour packages can be organized through Pure Vacations.

Whale watching is common in the Pacific Northwest. Places like Oregon and Washington play host to whale migration twice a year. Real Adventures offers cheap boat cruises to get up close and personal with these massive creatures.

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