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The cuisine in the United States is as diverse as the population and ranges from down home cooking in the South to ultra-refined fusion and molecular gastronomy in the culinary capitals of NYC and LA. Large waves of immigration into the US have led to a melting pot of food in America, where almost every national dish from around the world can be found somewhere. Dining styles also range from fast-food, take-out, and chains to formal and upscale five-star restaurants. The drinking age in the US is 21, and clubs generally enforce strict regulations wherever you end up. Nightlife in cities like Las Vegas and Hollywood are second to none.

Bars and Pubbing in the United States of America

Most large conurbations in the US boast an interesting assortment of bars and hotspots. New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas are three of the biggest cities for fun after dark. New York has a wide variety of clubs and music venues, most open unti l4:00 a.m. For a touch of tradition, visit McSorleys Old Ale House (15 East 17th Street, East Village, New York City) which has a rowdy yet fun atmosphere. If whiskey is on your mind, then Whiskey Ward (121 Essex Street, Lower East Side, New York City) is the place to find it. Hob nob with the elite at Bubble Lounge (228 West Broadway, New York), New York’s most exclusive champagne bar.

Los Angeles is another fabulous nightlife destination, but most clubs close around 2:00 a.m., which is much earlier than in other American cities. The Skybar (8440 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, Los Angeles) is one of the more exclusive clubs, while The Edison (108 West 2nd Street, Los Angeles) boasts great food, great music and a great atmosphere. The Golden Gopher (417 West 8th Street, Los Angeles) allows party-goers to step back in time to enjoy a classic night out.

Las Vegas’ clubs are mostly found along the Strip, which is also known as Las Vegas Boulevard. The casinos are just one way to stay entertained in Sin City. Visit the world’s most expensive night club, XS Nightclub@Encore (3121 Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas). A cheaper, but livelier option is the Coyote Bar@New York New York (3790 Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas). Centrifuge@MGM Grand (3799 Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas) is another tremendously entertaining spot for drinking, dancing and people watching.

Dining and Cuisine in the United States of America

New York is a cosmopolitan global city, and it certainly shows in its diverse cuisine. Barbecue, Chinese, Italian, French, Thai, Indian, the list goes on. WD-50 (50 Clinton Street, Manhattan, New York City) from chef Wylie Dufresne is one of the more avant-garde restaurants in all of the United States, located on the Lower East Side. American can’t taste any better than at The Harrison (355 Greenwich St and Harrison St, Manhattan, New York). If Japanese fine dining is your go to, Nobu (105 Hudson Street, Manhattan, New York City) won’t disappoint.

Latin America has a strong influence on food in Miami and their cuisine is quite pronounced. For great views, excellent prices, and delightful dishes, Red Light Little District (7700 Red Light Little River, Miami) is a fantastic seafood spot. Azul (500 Bricknell Key Drive, Miami) is another famous restaurant that takes Asian flavors and blends them with Mediterranean fare. Ola (5061 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami) is a wonderful Latin American-themed restaurant with a few Spanish tapas plates.

If you’re in need of substance in Las Vegas, gorge at the many buffets or a-la-carte hotel restaurants along the Strip. Rare 120@Hard Rock Hotel (3771 Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas) is one of the best steakhouses. The views and menu at Top of the World Restaurant (Stratosphere Tower, 2000 Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas) are simply breathtaking. Get a taste of French flair at the always popular Mon Ami Gabi@Gabi (3655 Mon Ami Gabi, Las Vegas).

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