Photo Credit: Alistair Nicol

South Carolina experiences a range of climates, with the eastern coastal region being significantly warmer than the northwestern Upcountry area. Throughout the state, the summers tend to be hot and humid, with highs in the upper 80s (°F) and low 90s (°F). The coastal and mountain regions tend to be slightly cooler and wetter though precipitation falls regularly all over South Carolina and in every month.

It rarely snows here though the Upcountry region sees a few snowstorms each winter. Along the coast, the winter temperatures are a pleasant 60°F at the lowest levels between December and February. Upcountry towns like Greenville are the coldest in the state, with winter highs of 50°F and chilly night-time lows of around freezing. Spring and fall are both nice seasons, with comfortable temperatures in the 70s (°F) and plenty of color from the trees and flowers.

The only weather danger comes from the potential of hurricanes to hit the state from June until the end of November. The peak season for hurricanes is between the end of August and October, so travelers should keep an eye on the daily weather reports for any potential storms at these times.

Best Time to Visit South Carolina

There isn’t any part of the year in South Carolina that could be considered miserable. Even the coldest part of winter is balmy compared to states further north, so visitors should consider the focus of their trip when making plans. Fall in the Upcountry is absolutely beautiful as the trees change colors in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Spring tends to be the rainiest season, but it’s also when the flowers bloom and the trees start to bud.

The coastal towns get very crowded at the peak of summer but great weather and fewer tourists are common in the shoulder months of May and September. Summers are actually quite hot and humid, so the ideal time to visit Charleston is in the fall or early winter. Winter is also when the best deals can be found on hotel rooms, from the beach towns right through to the Upcountry.

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