Photo Credit: Steven Depolo

All visitors to America are required to complete their travel visas before arrival in the country. To learn what is needed, you can contact your nearest US embassy regarding the latest visa requirements or visit the US government’s visa website for up-to-date information.

Health and Safety

South Carolina is a safe place to visit in all regards. There are few, if any, health concerns in this state thanks to a balmy year-round climate and no diseases to speak of. Visitors to any of the American states are advised to get vaccinated against hepatitis as this is the most common contagious disease in the country. It can be contracted from restaurants with poor staff hygiene, even in the nicest places.

There is little chance of becoming a victim of crime in South Carolina, except perhaps if you are complacent about your valuables. Petty theft from hotel rooms and rental cars is a common occurrence throughout America so be sure and secure your cash and valuables. There are a few parts of Charleston that can be dangerous after dark, but it’s unlikely tourists will find themselves in these neighborhoods.

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