All travelers to the United States must have their visas pre-arranged before arrival. Nearly everyone needs a visa of some kind, so it’s suggested you check with your nearest American embassy to find out what is required. You can also check online at the US government website.

Health and Safety

Due to the extreme cold of Minnesota winters, visitors who travel to the state between December and February are strongly advised to bring their warmest clothing and be prepared for bitter temperatures below freezing. Be aware of the temperatures when doing any kind of outdoor activities. Never venture onto frozen lakes or rivers unless you are certain the ice is thick enough. Other than the danger of hypothermia, there are few health concerns in Minnesota.

Visitors can expect a very safe trip when they visit Minnesota. Even in the big cities of St Paul and Minneapolis, crime is among the lowest in the country. Theft is always something that can occur if you are careless with your valuables, but violence is a rarity. In the rural towns it is unlikely you will even have to worry about anything as the residents are referred to as "Minnesota nice."