Minnesota Taxis and Car Rental

Unless you have no intention of traveling around the state, or even the town where you visit, a car will be needed to reach attractions and move between destinations. Except during the dead of winter when road conditions can get very tricky thanks to snow and ice, the driving in Minnesota is very pleasant. Public transport is limited to the major cities, and even then won’t help tourists that much. Car rental companies are readily available at the airports and in the downtown districts of most popular travel destinations in Minnesota.

Taxis are only located in the largest cities like Minneapolis-St Paul, Duluth, and Rochester. They are useful for moving around the city centers, but that’s the extent of their function in Minnesota. In Minneapolis there are several taxi companies to choose from such as Blue & White Taxi (+1-612-333-3333), while Duluth is pretty much limited to Jimmys Taxi (+1-218-940-0069). Since taxis in Minnesota don’t typically cruise around looking for fares it is suggested you keep a couple of phone numbers on your phone to call for a pick-up whenever needed.

Minnesota Trains and Buses

If time is not an issue, taking the train to Minnesota is a fantastic way to travel. Amtrak’s Empire Builder line runs from Chicago to Seattle, stopping at Red Wing, Winona, St Cloud, Minneapolis-St Paul, Detroit Lakes, Staples, and Fargo-Moorhead in Minnesota. The fares on Amtrak may not be any cheaper than taking a flight into Minneapolis, but the scenery can’t be beat. The train is very comfortable and features dining, drinking, and lounge cars.

Travelers will find more flexibility and more destinations by using the Greyhound bus to reach Minnesota. There is also good regional service on Jefferson Lines and Megabus, which run between the big cities in this part of the country. Fares on the bus are very cheap, and the comfort level good enough for a few hours of travel time.

Within Minneapolis-St Paul the Metro Transit company provides public transport by bus and light rail within the Twin Cities and their suburbs. The city’s light rail is particularly useful for visitors as it runs between several major attractions like the Mall of America, the Warehouse District, and the airport. Fares are very reasonable and the train is a relatively new project so everything is still clean and shiny.