Nearly every visitor to Kentucky is already in the United States when they enter the Bluegrass State. Travelers from all countries are required to have some form of travel visa prior to arriving in the US. Check with your nearest American embassy or consulate for details concerning travel visas. You can also look online at the Bureau of Consular Affairs.

Health and Safety

Kentucky has few health concerns to worry visitors though care should be taken when exploring the woodlands. Deer ticks are common and can occasionally carry Lyme disease. Be sure to check your hair and clothing for ticks after a hike in the forest. It is also recommended that you get vaccinations against hepatitis A and B, as this contagious disease can appear at less hygienic restaurants.

In general, the crime rate in Kentucky is low, but visitors should be aware that the state has a reputation for drug-related activity in the rural areas. This rarely affects tourists and the larger cities of Louisville and Lexington have the usual potential for petty crime such as car theft, but violence against visitors is uncommon.