The English spoken in Kentucky tends to have a slight southern lilt, but it’s not heavy enough to confuse most listeners. The strong presence of German immigrants dating to the 19th century created several communities in the state where German is still spoken alongside English.


Throughout America, the only currency accepted is the US dollar (US$). Banknotes come in denominations of US $1, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100. There are 100 cents to $1, with coins in denominations of 1, 5, 10, and 25 cents. Currency can only be exchanged at the international airport in Louisville or major bank branches in large cities. Travelers’ checks are most conveniently cashed at banks. There are ATMs in all but the smallest Kentucky hamlets, usually at banks or in large stores. The Visa and Cirrus networks are commonly accepted at Kentucky ATMs for cash withdrawals. Credit cards are a useful way to pay. All but the most modest mom and pop stores in rural Kentucky accept credit cards like Visa and MasterCard.


Kentucky is one of America’s states with two time zones. The northeastern and eastern regions of the state are in the Eastern Time Zone (GMT -6, GMT -5 during March 12 to November 4), while the western and southern regions observe Central Time Zone (GMT -5, GMT -4 during March 12 to November 4).


America uses electricity at 110-120V, 60Hz. Flat, two-prong plugs are typical, so it’s recommended that you bring a universal plug adapter if traveling from the UK, Europe, or Asia.


The dialing code for the United States is +1. Kentucky has four area codes depending on the town. They include 270 (Bowling Green area), 502 (Louisville and Frankfort area), 606 (Corbin area), and 859 (Lexington area). Mobile phone coverage is good in Kentucky, but there may be a few rural pockets of the state where coverage is spotty. Internet cafés are not common in Kentucky though there are Wi-Fi hotspots in urban cafés, coffee shops, and libraries in Lexington and Louisville.


If flying directly into Louisville International Airport, each passenger over the age of 18 is allowed to carry one liter of alcohol, 200 cigarettes (or 50 non-Cuban cigars or two kilograms of tobacco), and gifts with a value of up to US$400 without paying any duty tax.

Tourist Office

Kentucky Department of Travel, Capital Plaza Tower 22nd Floor, 500 Mero Street, Frankfort, KY 40601; +1-800-225-8747;

Consulates serving Kentucky

Canadian Consulate, Detroit: +1-313-567-2340 German Consulate, Chicago: +1-312-202-0480 Netherlands Consulate, Chicago: +1-877-388-2443 French Consulate, Louisville: +1-502-574-1566 Australian Consulate, Washington, DC: +1-202-797-3008 British Consulate, Chicago: +1-312-970-3800


Emergency services: 911