Photo Credit: Nic McPhee

As part of the US, Alaska only allows entry to those visitors with the correct visa documentation. Visitors coming from other US states will not need to go through customs formalities on arrival. However, those coming from international locations including Canada should check whether they need to apply for a visa in advance of travel.

Health and Safety

The biggest threats to visitors’ health and safety in Alaska are the extreme weather conditions and wildlife. Visitors should be accompanied by a guide on trips into the wilderness to avoid getting lost, getting hypothermia or being attacked by wild animals such as bear or moose. Independent travelers need to be self-sufficient when heading into remote areas, checking out local conditions in advance. Before engaging in any water activity, visitors should ensure they are familiar with treatment for hypothermia, which can occur after just minutes in freezing water conditions.

Crime in major Alaskan cities is low, including in Anchorage, meaning pick pocketing isn’t a great concern. Visitors using car rental should ensure they don’t leave any valuables visible in their vehicles as car break-ins can occur. As in any location, visitors are advised to exercise extra caution when wandering around after-dark.

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