Nationals of the United States, Canada, and Australia do not need to apply for a tourist visa to enter England. Six-month visas are granted on arrival, free of charge. The rules also apply to citizens of most South American and Caribbean countries, as well as those of Japan. Nationals of other countries should consult the visa requirements in advance of travel via a British embassy or the UK Border Agency website (

Health and Safety

In general, England is safe place to visit and crimes involving tourists are fairly rare, however, it is always worth using common sense. Certain areas of London and Manchester should probably be avoided, especially after dark. Keep an eye on your bag and don’t put anything valuable in easily accessed pockets when traveling on public transport. While cases of mugging and pick pocketing are fairly low, there is no point tempting fate.

US and EEA nationals requiring emergency treatment in the UK can visit an NHS hospital’s Accident and Emergency ward free of charge. However, such travelers will need travel insurance or a European Health Insurance Card to cover other health eventualities, as payment may be required for non-emergency treatment.