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Latin American cities tend to be more chaotic than others. They are often dirty, crowded, and undeniably noisy. Therefore, getting away for the weekend has never been more important. In Central America, where the countries are so small, you can take a short drive and you run smack into a beach, cloud forest, or jungle spa. In South America, you’ll have to make use of a short flight to retreat into the bliss of the mountains or the comforts of a vineyard.

  1. Mendoza, Argentina The center of South America’s wine industry is among the best weekend getaways in the Americas. Apart from wine spas, vineyard tours, and wine therapy you’ll find boutique hotels, skiing, horseback riding, hiking, and some of the best dining in Argentina.
  2. Viña del Mar, Chile Whether coming from Santiago or next door Valpo, Viña del Mar offers perhaps the best choice for a beach scene in central Chile. Not only is there a massive summer concert, but hip inns and chic dining and nightlife.
  3. Asia Beach, Peru Every weekend during the summer, the Pan Americana is packed with Limeños who come for trendy beach and club scene and to enjoy their lavish beach houses.
  4. Colchagua Valley, Chile Just south of Santiago you’ll find a serene valley that has one of Chile’s most established wine routes with vineyard tours, charming inns and B&B’s, and fine restaurants.
  5. Parque Nacional La Tigra, Honduras One of the lushest, most biodiverse cloud forests in Central America sits just a short drive from sprawling Tegucigalpa. Cabins and camping sights make the trip easy for weekenders escaping the smog and noise of the capital.
  6. Cajón del Maipo, Chile The ultimate escape from Santiago can be reached on the metro line. The sprawling canyon is home to several nature reserves, horse ranches, wineries, rafting rivers, and many camp and picnic sites.
  7. Farallón, Panama A short drive along the Pacific Coast from Panama City brings you to the country’s mega resort complex of Playa Blanca. You’ll find white sandy beaches and lazy hammocks tied to swaying palms.
  8. Mauel Antonio, Costa Rica One of the easiest beaches to reach from San Jose is also one of the best. The central Pacific coast here is lined with posh cliff top resorts overlooking sparkling water and an increasing amount of amenities, not to mention a fantastic national park.
  9. Boquette, Panama Boquette’s cozy waterfall spewing hills are one of the best ways to beat the heat of Panama City. Relax in a cozy guest house in a coffee plantation or chic spa with volcano views.
  10. Pico Bonito National Park, Honduras An easy drive from either La Ceiba or San Pedro Sula, Pico Bonito is perfect to steal away a couple of days in the lush rainforest, either hiking or getting spa treatments at either of the two posh lodges nearby.

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