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These are the best holiday locations in Germany that merge the warmth of Christmas markets with the magic of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Germany has over two millennia of history so it should come as no surprise that its colorful past manifests itself throughout the country.
The Christmas Markets of Germany are truly unique. If you want to experience a real traditional and romantic Christmas Market, there’s no better place to be!
Whether it’s half-timbered houses, beautiful countryside, delicious food and wine or historic castles and cathedrals, Frankfurt Rhine-Main has everything visitors to Germany expect.
Christmas time in Germany is famously associated with snowy markets and warm drinks enjoyed with friends and loved ones. Step into this magical season during your visit to Frankfurt and the Frankfu...
More than two centuries ago, a pair of German college students were inspired to write down the folktales their country had orally passed down since the middle ages. Today their stories of Cinderell...