As soon as the temperatures drop below zero and flowing water transforms into ice, we dream of sandy beaches and sun-kissed tans. However, the more adventurous type may embrace the beauty of winter by dusting off the long-johns and chilling out in a palace of ice and snow. Since these extravagant ice hotels are rebuilt every year, no year is ever quite the same.

Satisfy your childhood curiosity of becoming Santa's helper and take a sneak-peak into an Eskimo-like existence, a truly once in a lifetime experience.

Photo Credit: Lilim

IceHotel - Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

For a true Arctic adventure, plan a trip to Jukkasjärvi, Sweden a small village 200 km (124.3 miles) north of the Arctic Circle. Many flock to Jukkasjärvi to witness the midnight sun and spectacular views of the Northern Lights. With the Torne River as the source of inspiration, Jukkasjärvi became home to the first and largest ice hotel in the world. Ice artists come from 15 countries every year to re-create the magic of IceHotel. Guests can book a combination of warm and cold accommodation and tours of the elaborate homes are available between 10 am and 6 pm if you are not feeling the sub-zero sleeping conditions. Ice hotels are found in both Finland and Norway, as well.

Hôtel de Glace - Québec, Canada

Escape from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life and embark on an expedition to Northern Canada for a riveting stay to remember. Check out Hôtel de Glace's North Face Grand Slide and get the chance to view videos and photos of the hotel's production. Planning nuptials in the near future? Hôtel de Glace hosts all-inclusive packages, so you can live the definition of a fairytale wedding. Hôtel de Glace is revealing its iciest secrets to a select few for a limited time only.

Ice Hotel - Fagara Mountains, Romania

Lose yourself in the Fagara Mountains of Romania where one of the world's most beautiful ice hotels resides for an entrancing yet chilly holiday. Its remote location creates a whole new definition of taking the road less traveled. The hotel has 10-14 rooms only reachable by cable car. The journey is reminiscent of Santa's sleigh, with mattresses on ice beds and covered with reindeer fur and sleeping bags to keep you cozy. The hotel also has an ice bar with glasses made of ice. An ice church is located within walking distance, rounding out the frozen village. Head to the Lake Balea Chalet if you need to thaw out for a bit.