High Falls at DuPont State Forest (Photo by Tyler Phillips)

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Calling yourself "The Land of Waterfalls” is quite a boast, but for Brevard, North Carolina it's purely fact. While most cities in the North Carolina Smoky Mountains can boast a handful of waterfalls, Brevard and surrounding Transylvania County can confidently say they're home to more than 250 waterfalls — each more unique than the last. While outdoor enthusiasts and cyclists especially travel from all over to experience world-class trails and to ride by gorgeous waterfalls, there are several different types of outdoor adventures to be had in Brevard that are sure to leave you just as amazed.

Photo by Tyler Phillips

Chase Waterfalls in DuPont State Recreational Forest

You can’t visit “The Land of Waterfalls” without seeing some waterfalls, right? Nearby DuPont State Recreational Forest has more than 80 miles of trails and dozens of waterfall views to boot, so much so that it has even garnered attention from Hollywood. The forest is so picturesque that The Last of the Mohicans and The Hunger Games both were filmed here. For easy access to three different waterfalls and a fun hike, enter the forest at the Hooker Falls parking area. From that trail, you can visit Hooker Falls, Triple Falls (pictured above) and High Falls. The trail will take two to three hours and has some steep hills, but it’s not an overwhelming hike and is full of photo opportunities along the way. Each waterfall along the trail has multiple viewing areas to snap that perfect picture or a better view of the cascading water. Other falls in the area include Bridal Veil Falls, Key Falls, and Connestee Falls & Baston Creek Falls. You can check out the full list of waterfall hiking options on Brevard's website here.

Lake Julia (Photo by Tyler Phillips)

SUP on Lake Julia

DuPont isn’t just waterfalls and trails. There’s also Lake Julia, the serene, beautiful 100-acre lake that is also the largest in the forest. The best way to see the lake is by stand-up paddle boarding or “SUP.” There are multiple outfitters who will set you up with a board, paddle, and life-preserver, but we recommend White Squirrel Paddleboards and owner Jeff Tyler who will take you out for a morning or afternoon on the water, give you a little history on the lake and snap a few pictures of you on the board. The White Squirrel Paddleboards crew will meet up with you, drive you out to Lake Julia, and give you a quick lesson on SUP essentials. Trips can be booked online and the fee includes everything you need to SUP, including a drive out to the lake from the crew and a quick lesson (or refresher course) for your SUP adventure.

Photo by Ted Buckner via Flickr Creative Commons

See White Squirrels

For a place to be truly magical, there has to be some sort of mythical creature roaming around. Though short on unicorns, Brevard is certainly home to many white squirrels. The story amongst locals is that a group of white squirrels escaped from a carnival when a rail car overturned near Brevard in the 1940s — and they've been hanging out around town every since. However they got there, Brevard has fully embraced their bushy white tailed population in a few ways. First, it’s illegal in Brevard to harm white squirrels, and the City Council has even deemed the town a sanctuary for them. Secondly, the town holds a White Squirrel Festival to celebrate its furry friends every May. Finally, you’ll see monuments to white squirrels all over town — sculptures, iron white squirrels on traffic light poles, and local businesses with references to the little guys. As you're exploring the local area, be on the lookout for a white squirrel or two, and if you’re having trouble finding one of these odd critters, go over to the Brevard College campus near downtown, and you’ll surely find a few.