Aside from summer camps, baseball games and BBQs, with the weather improving and schools winding down, it's time to start planning your great summer getaway. Whether you're looking for active or relaxation, camping or beaching to unwind here are our ideas for best summer travel activities. All these can be done with the kids, as a couple or solo to enjoy "me" time.

Photo Credit: TBGREENMAN

Enjoy the Great Outdoors - Camp and Climb

Alaska offers one of the most interesting and unique ecosystems for the whole family to explore the outdoors by land, sea and plane. Rise to the sounds of waves lapping at the wilderness shoreline by camping at Lake Clark National Park in Anchorage, named "Best Bush Camp" by Outside Magazine. Take a salmon charter, or a kayak trip in the Wildlife Refuge of Sterling. Feeling ambitious? Climb a glacier in Juneau with snow-capped mountain ranges rising over 15,000 feet. Winter enthusiasts will enjoy dog sledding, snowboarding, downhill and cross-country skiing and heli-skiing.

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Take a Spa-cation - Relax and Unwind

Health and wellness tourism is one of the industry's fastest growing sectors worldwide, particularly as travelers begin to discover the benefits of cleanses for the body, mind and soul. Opt for Ayurveda in India, the birthplace of Holistic Medicine, horse whispering in Arizona, soaking in the healing properties of the Dead Sea salt in Israel or take a trip to the hot springs to relieve stress.

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Have Fun on the Water - Surf and Sail

The picture perfect summertime idyllic image is the ocean glistening over the brilliant sun. Laze on the sand to work on the tan or play on the water. Half of the world's population lives within ten miles of the coast, so whether you opt to go near or far, a beach day is never far away. The activities determine where to head, whether it's diving, snorkeling, surfing, sailing, or paragliding. Be inspired to find your perfect coastline.