Did September sneak up on you? Yeah, us too. With how nice summer's been it's crazy to think it's almost fall which means time to plan a quick trip before school starts. If you were too busy outside enjoying the beach instead of doing your vacation research, let us save you some time with a few easy weekend getaways across America that would be perfect for Labor Day weekend.

"Large Wave During Sunrise at Coral Cove Park" by Kim Seng via Flickr Creative Commons

Hit the Beach

There's nothing like small town America to take your mind off the stress and worries of city life. Escape the concrete jungle with a relaxing B&B in one America's best coastal towns. Play golf at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina or shop on the boardwalk or Nantucket. Sip some vino at Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts or take a full tasting tour in Napa Valley, CA.

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Go to the Amusement Park

Want to treat the kids before they go back to books and homework? A Labor Day trip to the amusement park is a great way to enjoy some togetherness time. While Disneyworld and Disneyland on either coast may be packed with crowds and lines, try one of these lesser known family getaways. Middle America is also a hidden gem with Cedar Point in Ohio or the water parks in Wisconsin Dells all good options for themed fun, rides and thrills.

Photo Credit: Kiril Rusev

Get in touch with Nature

What better way to let loose than a night under the stars? Camping in a national park with pristine hiking, biking or boating is a great outlet for urban dwellers. Grab your backpack and head to Glacier National Park in Montana, Yosemite National Park in California or Jellystone National Park in North Carolina for unforgettable views and unmatched landscapes.

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Indulge the Spa

The kink in your neck just not seeming to go away lately? Has typing all day given you early arthritis? A day of full body treatments may just be what you need. If you can make it all the way to Hawaii, the Four Seasons in Hualalai is one of the best and will rock you to sleep with its picturesque ocean views. On the mainland, there are a number of celebrity escapes outside the LA-area known for their privacy and supreme healing powers. Try Ojai Valley Inn & Spa for their traditional Kuyam Indian sweat lodge or Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa for their water therapy and detoxes.

Photo Credit: Moyan Brenn

Play Some Games

To truly forget about work this Labor Day, throw caution and abandon to the wind by hitting Vegas or Atlantic City. Roll the dice, sip some cocktails and don your glitziest getup to go out on the town. If that's too far of a commute, a trip to the local river boat casino should do the trick. Set aside a certain amount of money you are okay playing with and let loose without regrets. There will always be Tuesday in the office to bring you back to reality.